Remote Entries

We've officially opened all competitions for remote entries:

  • All graphics competitions: Modern tools, Oldskool and 4k Executable
  • All music competitions: Loop, Streamed, Tracked Music and Executable
  • All demo competitions: Combined Low-End Demo, High-End 4k, High-End 64k and High-End Demo
  • All other competitions: WiLD and Game and Short Animation

For the rules that apply for remote entries, please check the general compo rules and the rules page of the respective compo. Additionally to the general and respective compo rules the following rules apply for remote entries:

  1. Remote entry upload is closed!
  2. The deadline for remote entries of all categories is 2013-12-27 12:00:00 (GMT+1) regardless of the deadlines in the party timetable. Submissions handed in afterwards will not be accepted
  3. Since the compo prizes is paid by party attendants and remote contributors are not paying an entrance fee, we can not give remote contributors any prizes
  4. If preselection has to be applied to an individual artists compo, contributions by party attendants will be privileged and selected in favor of remote entries